Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Octopus Cookies

In case you haven't heard, Aidan has a little bit of extra energy to burn these days and it's like 100 degrees here.  I have been looking for things for us to do inside so we don't burn up and turn in to a pile of dust. 

I have a million and one cookie cutters that I bought to use for Candace's baby shower and today I had Aidan pick an animal he wanted to use and we could make cookies.   An octopus it was.  Now a photo montage of our cookie making day...

Believe it or not I do actually typically make my sugar cookies from scratch but I already had this mix for emergencies so we just used it.   Aidan poured all of the ingredients in to the bowl and stirred it all up.
We called in the muscle man to roll out the dough for us.
My little baker.  He has flour all over his face.  He had a great time.  I loved hearing him say "Mommy, I  helping." Over and over and over.  He really enjoyed it.
I did not realize we were half naked baking until I took this picture.  When you are potting training sometimes underwear are optional. Spike wanted a piece of the action too.  He just loves being around his BFF Aidan. Woah my kitchen was a mess! At least we had fun.

Octopus Cookies ready to be frosted.
I used the neon food coloring gel to die vanilla frosting purple.  Yes, that's right our octopus are purple.  My fav color.
Our finished product. I had everything we needed at home to make this. I didn't spend a penny!  In the future I would probably buy different candy for the eyes but I already had these M&M's and I didn't feel like dragging Aidan out in the heat so we used them.  He loves the cookies.  I wish I could eat one but he has already promised them all to his grandpa. 
We just want to ask everyone to say a prayer for the octopus cookies that are no longer with us.
We lost about 6 cookies in the process because of my bad spatula skills.

Their cute huh?

P.S. Shout out to one of our besties Michael Caulder.  It's his birthday today. Mike is like a member of the family.  We love him dearly and wish him many more wonderful birthdays to come! Love you Uncle Mike!


Megan said...

those are SOO cute!!! what a fun activity for the day! you're such a good Mommy! :0)

Melissa said...

Love them!!! RIP lost cookies. I still would have eaten you!!! Hahahaha! Let's get together soon. I was thinking about taking Van to Latta to play in the water soon.