Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Design Daydreams

Well I am taking the advice of a blog reader and going to try and have can lights installed in my kitchen.  I am hoping Adam can do them himself because we are weeks away from having the walls taken out between the living room and dining room and I would love to have can lights installed in both rooms once that is done.

In the meantime, as usual, I have a million things racing through my mind that I want to do around here.  On my list of things this week is to finally paint the living room a lighter color.  Our living room is the only room we haven't touched since moving in 4 years ago.  I will also be painting the fireplace black.  I am so excited about that.  Adam and I were going to start it tonight after Aidan went to bed but we decided to hold off until the morning.  We are going to paint it in an eggshell finish. 

Here are the colors I am considering for the living room.  The yellow is probably my least favorite but I will entertain it because well "You can't knock it til' you try it." So, there will be a yellow test square painted on the wall. Haha.

Color Ideas:

Benjamin Moore Natural Linen

Benjamin Moore Natural Cream

Pottery Barn for Benjamin Moore Hush

Pottery Barn for Benjamin Moore Marscapone

Pottery Barn for Benjamin Moore Jicama

Pottery Barn for Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow

Pottery Barn for Benjamin Moore Nantucket Breeze

My favorite is Natural Cream.  I hope it ends up looking good. More than that, I hope Adam and I can agree on it. I have to tell you that painting a room this light is a huge step for me. I usually lean towards darker colors.  I am sure with the black fireplace and our charcoal sectional.  It will all look good together. Let me know if there is a color you like better.

Just so you know what your working with when trying to make a decision for me...This is our sofa... I don't always have the ottoman there. 


Jenny H said...

Do you call the color of your sectional in the pic charcoal? It looks like a medium taupe? ;)

Natalie said...

I used Hawthorne Yellow for my guest room and it is REALLY yellow. Much brighter than the swatch, just FYI.