Friday, June 18, 2010


I some how convinced my husband to watch the third part of the Real Housewives of New York reunion and I have to tell you we are sitting here cracking up from confusion. I have watched the show since it started as I have with all the Housewife shows.  I am the queen of trash reality TV ok.  There are two people in the entire series of Housewives that drive me nuts and they are Danielle Staub and Kelly Killoren Bensimon.  There is not enough time in the day to type a post about Danielle but Kelly on the other hand I can come up with a few words to describe her.  Out of her mind.  In a bad way.  Why has someone not intervened in her life and tried to figure out what is going on in her head. It's not even funny or obnoxious anymore, it's scary and sad.  I do not know what possesses Bravo TV to keep her employed.  I am not a Dr. but she is extremely unhealthy.  I am not saying anything of this to be judgemental or mean I am genuinely worried for this woman's health and I think her involvement in this show is making it so much worse for her.  WOW. 
If there is someone that reads this blog that has some idea what is going on can you try to explain it to me please?  Thank you. Really.


Kari said...

I don't watch the show. But I am sure the reality tv show, IS making her worse! But, on a plus side...she is GORGEOUS. That's just unfair. lol

Monique said...

Saw your blog on Kelly's Korner. I must agree with you about Kelly. She's absolutely impossible to understand. No two sentences make sense. The lady should stop the show cuz i don't believe she will get any better at expressing herself. Sheesh!