Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Packing List

This is what I am doing tonight and tomorrow.  At least I am organized enough to type it all out so I can check each thing off as I pack it. I never forget anything and it makes packing faster and easier for me. 

Packing List

Aidan Clothing

*10 Pair underwear/2 a day

*5 Diapers just in case/Waterproof Pad for bed

*5 Pair Shorts

*5 Tops/2 Polo’s/3 T-shirts

*2 Bathing Suits/Sharks, Hibiscus

*3 Pair PJs


*Water shoes

*Flip Flops


*Pool Toys




Entertainment for Car Ride

*Portable DVD player

-Lion King


-Wow Wow Wubbzy

*Coloring Books/Crayons/Pens

*Singing CD’s (get from Mom’s Car)

Snacks for Car/Pack Picnic Basket

*Apple Juice Boxes

*Water Bottle



*Crackers and PB

Packing List

April Clothing

*7 Pair Underwear

*2 Bras

*3 Pair of Pants/2 Jeans, 1 Khakis

*2 Dresses

*4 Tops

*5 Tank Tops

*2 Bathing Suits/Roses, Solid Black

*2 Pair PJS/T-Shirts and Shorts

*Hair Straightener

*Make Up

*Face Wash/Eye Make-up Remover

*Phone Charger

*Lap Top


Snacks for Mom and I/Picnic Basket

*Mixed Fruit

*Trail Mix

*Bottled Water

*Caff Free Diet Pepsi/Un-Sweet Tea(made ahead of time and put in water bottles for Mom) Slice lemons and store in Ziplocs/Sweet N Low.

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Megan said...

haha! you're so cute!