Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adam, Adam He's Our Man

Tonight is Adam's first softball game of the season.  His team is kind of hilarious. It's comprised of about 5 Wells Fargo executives, 5 neighborhood hoodlums and 4 of my youngest brothers friends.   The best part, the didn't have a team name at the time of sign ups so they are now being called "To Be Determined". I think it's quite fitting actually.  

Team Captains Adam and Jordan headed out to Dick's Sporting Goods today to buy some gloves, balls, bats, jersey's and most importantly Big League Chew.  Apparently there were only pink softballs left so yup you guessed it, they are playing with pink softballs.  

I inquired about coming to the game to cheer the guys on and Adam said I had to practice first.  Then he proceeded to quiz me on the cheers I knew.   All I could come up with was ...

"Adam, Adam he's our man. If he can't do it nobody can. Yeeaaaaaaaah Harvey".  His response "Perfection."

So that's what I'm doing with my Tuesday night. Cheering my hubby to victory in his first two softball games of the season.  I should be packing but who would want to miss this?


Megan said...

haha! his response is too funny!

and the team name...LOVE it! lol

Kate G. said...

Yaaaaay Adam! Cute post, lady. Did they win?