Sunday, June 13, 2010


I am still alive.   Not blogging at all like I thought I would because NO ONE in the town seems to have wireless for me to connect to.  Bummer. 

We are having a great time. Spent the day in Boston.  And now I'm ready to come home.  I miss my hubby, my bed and nice weather.  Typical New England, it has been rainy and in the 60's since we got here. Bummer again.

I am sitting in my aunt's basement typing this really quick while I wait for my pants to dry in her laundry room.  We are headed home tomorrow. We are supposed to stop in MD for the night but I am voting we drive straight home to my bed.  Ha!  Miss you all and I hope you had a great weekend!!! xoxo

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Amanda said...

Charlotte misses you too :) Hope you all have a safe trip back!