Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday To My Precious Aidan

Happy Birthday Aidan!  You are THREE! Daddy and I can hardly believe you are three years old!  It seems like yesterday we were sitting in the hospital and I was watching Daddy hold you for the first time with welled up eyes and a smile from ear to ear. We didn't know our hearts could hold so much love until you arrived.  Here we are three years later!!!  Time flies when you are having fun!!!

I can't even begin to tell you the joy you bring to our lives.  We fall in love with you all over again everyday.   You have a huge heart. You are incredibly smart and wise beyond your little years.  You aren't afraid of anything.  Well maybe except bugs but that's my fault. 

You love your Daddy more than anything and he loves you more than that times infinity.  Daddy needs the extra love so I am so glad you can be the one to give it to him.  Everywhere Daddy goes you are two feet behind him.  He let's you do big boy things that make mommy very nervous.  Sometimes I cry when I see you two together.  It just makes me so happy.  Some days you two laugh and laugh and laugh and you get the hiccups and Daddy makes them go away.  Daddy asks you every day if he's your best friend and you always say "Daddy my best friend, yes." When you go to bed at night, he tells me he hopes it stays that way forever.  

Right now you are crazy about your kitty Spike.  You call him Spikey and he lets you carry him around with you everywhere. When you leave he jumps up in the window and waits for you to come home.   You also love airplanes (nana and grandpa take you to the airport to see them), trains (especially the light rail and Thomas) ,Uncle Bobby Decot's boat and firetrucks.  Yup, firetrucks. They are your absolute favorite.  That's another thing Daddy does, he takes you to the fire station and the firemen let you play on the fire trucks.

You finished your first year of preschool a few weeks ago.  Your teachers were Yetta, Maria and Barkha. We both cried the first day I left and by the time the year was over, you would cry if didn't leave.  We just potty trained you.   We quit diapers cold turkey.  Like everything else you've had to learn, you did it all on your own and were so proud of yourself. You even clean your potty yourself when you are done using it. You got that from your Nana. You grew up so much this year.  Daddy and I still soak up every minute with you as much as possible.  We think everything you do is adorable and so funny. 

Your grandparents and uncle's love you to death.   Grandpa Decot always chases you and makes you forts.  He takes you for walks in the park and lets you steal toys from other kids.  Nana spoils your rotten. Mommy will tell you that you can't have something and she turns right around it gives it to you.  In her eyes, you can do no wrong.  Every time something exciting happens you want to tell Nana and Papa.  Your Uncle Bobby loves to come and visit you and he makes you give him lots of hugs and he bribes you a lot with candy.  We go to the lake on his boat and he swims with you for hours and you jump off the side of the boat in to his arms.  You just recently started calling him Uncle Bobby Decot.  Your uncle Jordan babysits a lot and you guys build forts and act crazy.  He swings you around and you laugh until you cry.  He has a nice girlfriend Hannah and you try to steal her all the time.  Grandma and Paw Paw Harvey in Florida miss you so much and call and ask about you all the time. When they come to visit they buy you tons of good toys.   Grandma likes to kiss all over your sweet cheeks.  

When you were in my belly everyone told me that time would fly by once you were here.  They were so right.  I wish we could have froze time over the past few years.  Almost all of your baby fat is gone now and you are getting taller and skinnier every day.  Lucky for us, you are a great cuddler and like nothing more than to be loved on by mommy and daddy all day, everyday.  We will give you a little brother or sister but that is just not in the cards for us right now. Someday though, I promise. You will be a marvelous big brother. We are trying our very best to raise you to be a well behaved, polite young man.  I know you will continue to make us so proud of you.  We love you to the moon and back sweet boy.   Happy Third Birthday.  Thanks for making us a family.  Love, Mommy & Daddy


Amanda said...
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Megan said...

that is just TOO sweet!!!! and that little smile of his is just adorable! what a blessing you have...and what a blessing HE has for you as a Mommy!