Friday, June 18, 2010

Kelly's Korner

This post was scheduled for Friday but didn't post. So sorry it's late!

This week on Kelly's Korner she is asking us to tell our engagement stories.  I bet there are some really amazingly sweet engagement stories out there!!! I can't wait to read some of them!!!

My Engagement
August 27, 2007

You should probably read this to get a little bit of the story of our little family before you read on. 

It was a Monday night and Adam came home from work and like so many nights before, asked me if I wanted to go out and get something to eat.  The only difference was we would be leaving Aidan alone with a family friend for the night (for the first time) and I need to dress "cute". 

I was already a little stressed because we were leaving later in the week for Boston to go to my cousin's wedding and leaving Aidan for an entire weekend with family friends so the thought of giving him up for the night wasn't very appealing.  After an hour of trying to get out of going to dinner, I finally gave in and Adam and I dropped the baby off and headed to dinner.

For those of you Charlotteans, we were on the big bridge connecting us from I-77 to 485 when Adam started telling me how lucky he felt to have met me and now made this beautiful little boy together.   I am lucky enough to hear these things on a pretty regular basis so I still wasn't thinking anything was out of the ordinary.  I then started to notice his voice getting a little shaky and from that point I heard nothing except "So, I guess what I am asking you is, will you please do me the honor of being my wife and spending the rest of your life with me."  All I could say was "Are you asking me to marry you right now."  We laughed for a second and then he opened the ring box and I couldn't even get "Yes" out.  The ring was beautiful and he placed it on my finger and it fit perfectly.  It felt like an eternity before Adam finally said "So, is that a yes"?  At this point I was balling and managed to get out "Yes! Yes! Of course Yes!". 

Isn't it so sweet when they get so nervous?  Bless Adam's heart he was shaking so bad when he put the ring on my finger.  I mean did he actually think I might say No?

The first thing I wanted to do was call of my family and friends and tell them and as I fumbled through my purse I realized I had left my phone at home.  And then as luck would have it, I looked in the side view mirror and realized that my BFF Amanda was randomly driving home from the gym and right behind us.  I grabbed Adam's phone and started waving my hand out the window and as soon as she answered all I could get out was "I'm engaged!"  She was so excited for me.

My next phone call was to my parents and I was floored to find out that my dad had been holding the ring for Adam for three months!  Adam had met my mom earlier that day to pick it up.  It was also super sweet to find out that even though they had the ring for all that time, they didn't think it was right for them to see it before me so they had never opened the box and we never knew that my parents had too gotten engaged in the car. 

The story behind the car engagement....Adam had planned to pop the question at the Red Sox game while we in town (Boston) for my cousin's wedding.   Coincidentally the week before he asked me we were all having a family dinner and some how the conversation came up that you can sometimes steal the bride's thunder if you get engaged on her day.  Unbeknownst to us, he had his entire proposal planned out for the game but was now nervous that he would be frowned upon for asking me during my cousin's wedding weekend.  He was already so pumped up about the engagement he ditched the Red Sox plan and just went with it.   Adam had told his mother and sister that he was going to ask me at the game and for some reason to this day, his sister still thinks we got engaged there. 

We were married less than 2 months later on October 12, 2007 and then again on October 12, 2008.  I told you to read the story first.

I saw some people posted pics of their engagement rings.  Adam had my ring custom made and I can't even find something similar online to show you so I took a bad picture with my phone.  I love my ring!  I was so surprised at how well Adam did picking it out after all I said was that I like rings that looked "antique". 
(I told you the pic was bad).

I am so blessed to have been happily married to my best friend for almost three years now.  All you single girls reading this that are dying to be engaged, I want you to know, I never thought someone would love me enough to want to spend the rest of their lives with me and I wanted it so bad.  There are so many great men out there waiting on you to be their wives!  Try to remember that meeting the man of your dreams usually happens when you aren't looking for it.  He is sitting somewhere praying for you to come in to his life too!

Happy Friday Y'all!

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