Saturday, April 10, 2010

This Actually Happened

If your name is Amanda, you don't have to read this, you've already heard the story. Adam and I had some time without Aidan this weekend so we had dinner at Sullivan's Steakhouse. We love going because Adam used to work there and they treat us really well. It would never be a good idea to go if we just wanted alone time because someone is always at our table talking. People probably think we are some kind of celebrities as many times as people stop to shake Adam's hand.

On to the story, right? So we were sitting in our booth and I say to Adam...

Me: The guy sitting at the table next to us is getting ready to propose.

Adam: No way, how could ever tell that.

Me: He looks like he's on a tangent about how much he loves her and he's holding her arm weird.

Adam: Your nuts. No way. Not here.

Ten minutes is later, we see the guy SLITHER out of his chair and get on one knee and VERY quietly ask the girl to marry him. She says yes. The manager brings them champagne, their calling family, you know the deal.

Half and hour goes and the check comes. Ten more minutes go by and they are having a blow out over who is going to pay for dinner. Apparently, her drinks were $10 and that's not acceptable so she needed to pay for them. He repeatedly said "Had I known this place was so expensive, we never would have come." Wowzers.

Adam and I could not stop staring. It was like a train wreck. Way to ruin the night buddy.

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