Monday, April 5, 2010

Birthday Party Idea Board

I have started to try to plan out in my head Aidan's third birthday party. Family has started talking to him about it and he is getting pretty excited about it. It's in June. We have never done a theme before but I am thinking this year we will do firetrucks. He is obsessed with firetrucks.

I think it always helps me to try and get some ideas flowing so in the weeks prior when I need to be booking things and making arrangements I know exactly what I'm doing.

Last year we rented a bounce house and it was a huge success. It's great because the kids can jump and eat, jump and open presents, jump and run around the yard. You get the idea. It keeps them busy all day. I am guessing we will rent one again this year.

I want to do a cake instead of cupcakes because honestly we are just burnt out on the good cupcake place near us. Plus, how cute is that cake???

I'm glad I have a plan and I have shown Aidan the idea board to get some feedback and he seems thrilled. I know, I know he's only going to be three.

The best part of this party though...the fire department will bring a truck to the house provided they aren't responding to a call (obviously) as long as you give them some notice. He will die from excitement. Now I can't wait for it to be here!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!! xoxox

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