Monday, April 19, 2010

Best and Worst Dressed @ the ACM Awards

Y'all have to know since I'm a southern girl and love my country music, I sat at home tonight and watched the ACM's.  Could you believe Taylor Swift did not win a single award? I was shocked and I think she was more shocked. 

The BEST List:
It could be a possibility no one will agree with me, but I liked Julianne Hough's dress.  The silver thing was weird but it didn't ruin the dress for me.
Taylor Swift always looks so pretty and age apropriate.
Miranda Lambert's dress was gorgeous. I love the color.
Hillary Scott from Lady Antebellum dress was such a great spring color.
LeAnn Rimes dress was one of my very favorites but why did she have to cheat on her hubby?

Jewel looks amazing. 

The WORST List:

Would it kill Gretchen Wilson to dress up for anything???
Allison Demarcus (CMT Insider) is so pretty but I think this dress would have been a thousand times prettier minus the sleeves.  I love the belt.
This is just funny. And scary.
Kristen Bell has a rocking body but I think this dress is just drab.
The color is beautiful but I didn't think this did much for Camila Alves.  And why did Matthew give Carrie his boots?
Nicole, Nicole, Nicole...What were you thinking???? 


HATE her Orange Carpet Attire
BUT I LOVED This dress she accepted her award in:

So that's what I did with my Sunday night.  Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! xoxo

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Kathryn said...

I totally forgot about the awards! 1)WHAT is going on with LeAnne Rhimes' boob??
2) Randy Travis' wife/mom/whoever is Lady Gaga in 30 years...
3) Carrie Underwood makes me only want to wear shades of white and champagne...