Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great Deals

I love summer dresses.  I typically try to spend as little as possible on them because I wear them so much, they never seem to make it to another summer.  Today and yesterday, I picked up this dress in 3 colors. I know, it might be overkill but it's so cute and CHEAP!

I had to order the black online, but I got it in a rasberry color and white with grey, navy and yellow stripes.  The white one was only 9 bucks!!!  Now I just need a new strapless bra!!! 

I am thinking about buying this purse. It's only $16.50 @ Old Navy !  I just can't decide on which color.


Kate G. said...

Girl-- we should go shopping together! That black dress is the one I'm wearing in my post last Thursday, the one I took my test in. I love it! And I want that purse in white... But do you think it will get too dirty?

Megan said...

I LOVE that dress!! Long flowy dresses are my FAVORITE! I think we would make good shopping pals as well! : )