Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Subject

I am the worst at coming up with subject lines in my posts and I am really just at a loss for words tonight as well.  We received a very, very sad email tonight, informing us that one of Aidan's classmates, Patrick's father Sean, passed away.  Obviously my head has been in the clouds because it happened on Good Friday. 

The email was to ask all of us parent's to sign up for meals for he and his mother Cathy.  Of course, I signed up to make the only two meals I can't screw up and emailed Cathy to see if she would like for Adam to mow her lawn for as long as she needs.  I am hoping she accepts. 

I just can't tell y'all how heavy this weighs on my heart. I was at my girlfriend Candace's tonight helping her hang a door on her nursery when I got the email.   I am not sure how he passed but I just cannot imagine what his poor wife is going through. I cannot imagine my life without my husband.    I cried and prayed my whole ride home.  I asked God to watch over this mother and child and thanked him so much for all the blessings in my life and for a healthy husband and son.   I have been lucky enough to loose very few people close to me in my life.  It breaks my heart to know that Patrick will grow up not knowing his dad.   He seemed like the greatest dad. Adam and I often commented how every morning you could always see them coming because Patrick was always on his dad's shoulders.  It was a great friendship they had and you could see the love and pride he had for his son when he hugged him goodbye in the mornings.  He and Adam exchanged jokes about our boys numerous mornings.   I read his obituary and from the sounds of it, he was an incredible human being and I am sure he will be missed.  His family was asking friends and family to reach out to the people in their lives tonight and tell them how much they love them.  It just goes to show another day is never promised to us.  We are here for such a short amount of time.  Instead of reading blogs tonight, I'm going to get in bed and cuddle up with my husband and son. 

Please if you remember, say a prayer for this family.  We never know when it could be one of us.  xoxoxox

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