Thursday, April 8, 2010

Summer is just around the corner

It is already feeling like summer here so I have been stalking the Internet for good sales on must haves for the season. I have all of these items in my cart right now...
I think these sandals are sooo cute! They are from and come in a few colors.

It's been over five years now that I had my Chanel sunglasses stolen. I have been buying TJ Maxx sunglasses forever I think it's time to buy nice sunglasses again.

Ray Ban's New Aviator. You know for pool days.

David Yurman sunglasses for everything but the pool (I guess?)

I have been lusting after Michael Kors watches this year. I couldn't decide if I wanted gold or stainless steel and voila...problem solved. I will definitely be buying this. It's less than $300!!!
I mean you know, a trip to Boston SOON. That's not a lot to ask for.
A summer staple. Maxi dresses. This is Old Navy. Buying this in two colors.
Yes, I wear tankini's. I need a new top to switch it up this summer. I am liking the ruffles here.
A monogrammed Market Tote. Probably in the black. Would be super handy for all the picnics we have been going on and to lug more of Aidan's stuff from place to place.

Ooo la la. Handbags. I have had the hardest time looking for a new handbag for the summer. I am currently soooo bored with my Louis Vuitton. I thought maybe Kate Spade or Coach would have something bright but nothing caught my eye. Also, why is Longchamp putting patches on their bags this season? Yuck! So this is what I am thinking...
Michael Kors
JPK (Something) Sold at Nordstrom. Two of my girlfriends have bags by this designer and I really like the fabric. This may be a little bright but it is super affordable and I love the gold on it.

Not a crazy list at all is it? What is everyone in to for the summer?

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