Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another Post About A Baby

Aidan has been spending a lot of time next door at our neighbors house recently.  They are a lovely family and they have a little girl Kai and a little boy named (coincidentally) Aiden.  Spelt differently but the same name as our little man.  Anyways, I think that he is just starting to understand the whole brother/sister scenario because just yesterday he started asking for a "seesta".  It took me forever to figure out what he was saying and I kept asking him over and over "babe, what are you talking about, can you say it again for Mommy" and he explained  "Kai, Aiden's seesta."   "Ohhhh you want a sister?"..."Yes Mommy."    I asked him lots of questions about his "seesta" and he had great answers for them all.  He will take a BABY seesta not a big one and she can sleep in his room if she HAS to but not in his bed, she has to get her own.  He would also take a brother bruffer but they will not be sharing his fire trucks or choo choo trains.  He did also say 100 times, that he is my baby.  Later that night Adam and I were laying in bed and he snuck in to give us some kisses and Adam said to him "Aidan you know if you want a brother or sister Mommy will have to have a baby in her belly."  Aidan got really confused looking, climbed on top of me, pulled up my shirt and started talking in to my belly button.  We were cracking up and he was dead serious.  "Seesta in there Dada?".    "Nope, sorry Bud, no sister in there yet."  "Otay Dada."  He climbs off. Obviously he doesn't totally know what he is talking about but I do think he would thoroughly enjoy someone to play with all the time.  I can see how much he enjoys interacting with other kids and I think he would just be the perfect big brother.  So goes another baby story about our growing family that currently isn't working on growing.  At least until 2011. Or until an accident happens. Haha.


Amanda said...

Too cute!!

Heather said...

Hilarious!!! What a cutie, I say give that boy a seesta!!!