Friday, April 2, 2010

My Sweet Sweet Mom

I know that sometimes on my blog, I give my mom a bad rap. Well, she doesn't deserve it. She is a complete control freak but honestly, I think that might be her love language. I know that's not possible but you know what I mean.

She has the absolute ability to change my entire life in minutes. I was a wreck the other day. Really, just because I have those days and it was one of them. I slept weird and when I woke up my back was killing me. I couldn't move. I felt worthless and I think I just started feeling sorry for myself. So, I called my mommy and she came to my rescue.

She came in and sat on my sofa, said "Honey, what's wrong" and then fixed it all. She threw Aidan and I in the car and we took off to enjoy the nice weather at our neighborhood park. Well, I sat on the rock wall and she chased Aidan around because I couldn't move. She was literally saying things to me like "Oh babe, don't smile at Aidan, I know your back hurts."

Yesterday I found out I have an interview Friday (today now) at a salon here in Charlotte. (Did you guys know I was an Esthetician ...think facials...) and she lugged Aidan all around the mall with me for hours so I could find the perfect interview outfit. By the end of our trip she had bought me an entire new wardrobe. Just because she knew it would make me smile. Smile? I was crying I was so touched during my little fashion show for Adam (embarrassing).

Today and usually one day out of every week she came over and helped me clean my house. Just because she's my mom and she loves me. I lay in bed sometimes wondering how I will ever be able to express to her how much I love and appreciate her. I just cannot imagine what my life would be life without her friendship.

Don't get me wrong, she bitches, she lectures, she tells me exactly how she thinks I should live my life from the second I get up in the morning and at times she drives me up the wall with it (and I do zone her out sometimes), but she obviously knows what she's talking about because she's turned out to be almost perfect at everything and the most influential person in my little crazy life.

Thanks for always making it all better. Love you. xoxoxo

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Amanda said...

I just love that pic of Deb - she really is a wonderful woman, you are very lucky to have her :)