Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

I'm not writing a whole lot today because I am spending time with the family but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and share the pics from Aidan's Easter Egg hunt at school on this past Thursday. We had a great time! Be prepared for a lot of pictures. Hope you enjoy them! xoxo
I have to admit, when I first saw these "bunny ears" I thought he was wearing some sort of feather/head dress. I kept thinking "What's the deal with the Indian thing". Hey, I never said I was the sharpest tool.........

We packed a picnic lunch. We ate it at a picnic table and not on our usual picnic blanket because I left it at home and believe me he reminded me the entire meal! "Mommy, no blankie today?"

Stole my sunglasses. I think he looks really happy here? Don't you?

Mom, sun is in my eyes.

Again, seriously, you want me to look UP at you. UP where the sun is that is causing me to have to put my hand over my face while you scream my name and try to take pictures of me.

Funny story. This was Aidan's first Easter Egg Hunt so he was a little confused. First, he started putting the eggs back on the ground after he picked them up and then being the sweet boy that he is, he started giving eggs to other kids. Finally, we got a few in his own basket.

He had to inspect each and every one.

This is probably the cutest picture of the week!

He wanted his picture taken in front of the "big, big, biiiiiiig egg" but the sun was in his eyes AGAIN.

The last picture of the day. I think this is the "If you take one more picture I am going to smack you" stare.


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