Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

**This post is about two weeks old. Sorry!!!**

Well it seems Spring is in full force here in sunny Charlotte, NC. I have spent the majority of the week running back and forth to landscaping jobs with Adam because of the high demand for spring flowers to be planted this week!!! I have to admit, shopping at the nursery for flowers and plants has really gotten to be something I love to do! I have even had a few people stop me to ask me to help them when they see me putting things together. Yes, I am the girl in the back corner actually laying out my flower beds. I have looked in to those landscape computer programs but seeing it in real life is so much better to me.

Tonight, I stayed out until I couldn't see what I was planting anymore, to make sure a customer's flowers were planted before their family was in town for their upcoming nuptials this weekend. I will take pictures when it's day light to show you. I think my landscape design is coming along really well. I managed to squeeze in some time to start my window boxes so I thought I would post pictures of them to show you. I also FINALLY planted my Japanese maple (you know the one I got at a Pawn Shop for FREE last season) and I will be planting some Lavender bushes around the tree in our front yard when I get some more time. If that even happens.
Did I mention we talked about giving up the landscaping business this winter? Now, we are loving it again.
Aidan is able to hang out while we work so he is enjoying the weather with us.
I hope everyone is enjoying Spring as much as we are!!! xoxo

Window Boxes

They will have something draping down from them soon enough. I just haven't decided just what yet.

Ok, So you can barely even see this because that's how pitiful it still is BUT this is my Japanese maple. It might as well be my other child because that is how I treat it. I transplanted it from the sad little plastic bucket it was in when I found it. Adam said that I should wait to see if it made it before transplanting. The shock of a transplant wouldn't have been good last season. We fed it and fertilized it and watered it and sheltered it and low and has buds!!!! SO ANYWAYS...her it is in all it's glory in it's beautiful new pot. As much as I talk about this tree, I should name it. I put these geraniums around it for now. They aren't planted yet, just thought they would be good company for a little baby growing up tree.

These are my pots on either side of my front door. I planted geraniums in them because my Nana always planted geraniums and therefore they remind me of her. Yes, I cry every time I buy them. The ivy was there from last season and we are awaiting the bloom of some purple flower I can't remember the name of to come up. Hopefully in a week they will look a little happier.
Side view of planter...not some attempt to be creative in my picture taking. I love our cobblestone brick.

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