Thursday, April 28, 2011

What I Wore On Wednesday

I have been having so much fun actually wearing real clothes since I started my job.  I do occasionally miss my yoga pant uniform.  Ok, I really miss it but since I have to look half way put together for my job, I am trying to embrace it.  I've had a lot of luck finding cute pieces to add to my wardrobe since I had that slump a few months ago when I couldn't seem to ever find anything to wear.   I am still working on adding to my accessories and shoe collection and my summer wardrobe is just in the beginning stages.  I thought it would be ridiculous to take some pictures of what I wear to work a few days a week.  Because other people do it and I think it's cute and it's an excuse to blog.  So without further ado this is what I wore to work yesterday...via cell phone photos.

 Side note: The prints behind me on our bathroom at work are hung all out of whack {which drives me nuts} and I realize I look like I have a baby in my belly in this picture but really it's just that the pants are a little big on me so they are all the way up past my belly button.

Pants: Gap, Curvy Pants
Tank: New York & Co., Long Rib Tank
Cardigan: New York & Co., Contrast Ribbed Cardigan
Necklace: Have had it forever! Can't remember. 

...and all on such a budget!!!

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sarah said...

this is a cute outfit! you've inspired me for my work wardrobe this week (: