Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He Is Risen!

I hope you all had a great Easter Sunday.   Our was lovely.  We had planned on attending church on Sunday with my parents but slept right through our alarms.  I was really disappointed.  My parents had our family friends the Perrine's over for Easter brunch so we joined them and then ate dinner later on at my parent's as well.    My dad made lamb but it was a little difficult to get down after this.  Everyone else said it was delicious.  My in  laws spent the day at Adam's aunt's house in Dallas, NC about 45 minutes away but we were able to stop in and see them when they got back to town.  Adam's mom is quite the green thumb so she was showing off all her seasonal flowers.  They are so pretty. 

Aidan of course was spoiled with his three Easter baskets. I am happy to report he could have cared less about all of his candy.   He was much more interested in all the little toys he acquired from us and both sets of grandparents. Some of which included his first harmonica and ANOTHER fire truck.  I am hoping next year he will be able to understand a little bit more what Easter is really all about and how lucky we are that Jesus died for our sins.

My parent's put out eggs for Aidan to have a little hunt because we missed the neighborhood hunt this year.  He thought this was the greatest thing.  He couldn't get to each egg fast enough.   He was so anxious to collect them all to see what was inside. That and he was dying to continue you saving the world with his new Spiderman mask.

Our sitter took him to see the Easter bunny at the mall on Friday.  I was super sad when I got the text of this picture because this was the first year Aidan had met the Easter bunny and I didn't get to be there! But I was happy for him.  Julie said he loved it. 

His Easter goodies at our house.

And a short video of Aidan hunting for eggs!  He's so cute I can't stand it sometimes!

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