Thursday, April 7, 2011

On Your Heart-It's a Friday Thing

I am linking up with Casey over at The Wiegand's because 1. I love her and her blog. 2. I want to support her and her blog and 3. Turns out I think this will actually be a great way to put out there what is on my heart this week and if I can remember to keep this up, every week!

There is a totally random thing that has been getting to me the past few days. 

My dad has a saying {and he repeats it to Adam all of the time} "Men are not all bad".  

True:  There are husbands out there that cheat.  

False: Every one's husband is going to cheat. 

 I don't know if I think their opinion bothers me or if I have an honest sadness in my heart for women that have become conditioned to think this way.

Recently I find that when I praise my husband to other women I often get responses like "he won't always be that great" or "I'm sure he's messed up before".   TIME OUT.  Yes, YES,  he could always be THAT GREAT.  And I trust him.  I believe in our marriage and I know no one is perfect {and forever is a long, long time} but why not give him the benefit of the doubt.   There is a strong possibility he is always JUST going to be an amazing husband and father.  END. OF. STORY.  I owe it to my hubby to jump to his defense about this stuff.  Men are not all bad.  

I can't recall ever being in fear that Adam was ever going to cheat.  Am I too naive to realize it's a possibility? No way.  Do I choose to try to be the wife he's always wanted?  Yes.  Do I screw it up?  Oh my goodness, all the time.   Do I think it's going to drive him to someone else?  Not ever.  What I know is that when I am with him, the world spins around me and I don't even notice. I love him with every fiber in my body.  I have been given this incredible gift of marriage and I cannot waste my time plaguing our marriage with thoughts of infidelity.   And I would hope, more women could open their eyes and realize that  Men are not all bad.


Stephanie McDonnell said...

This goes back to what I said in my post over at the Wiegands's, you have to worry about YOU. You can't sit and worry about your husband. Clearly, these women aren't worrying about themselves, but often worrying about everyone else. I'm guilty of it. God showed me that.
Here's to you and wedded bliss!

Morgan Lea @ Gloryfilled said...

well said. I can't ever remember a time that I didn't trust my husband. Some people think I'm crazy because he travels a LOT for work. If I didn't trust him things would never work. Why marry someone you can not trust? I love my husband and he is not bad. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comment. Made me smile.