Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whats on My Heart Fridays

I am linking up with Casey again this week for "What's On Your Heart Friday's" .

One of my best friends Natalie is now just weeks, days, maybe minutes away from the birth of her first child.  Now that she has hit her 37 week mark, I am keeping my cell phone attached to my body.  I can't wait for word that the princess has made her way in to the world.  

I find myself wanting to explain to Natalie how much her life is going to change but it's almost like there aren't enough good words in this world to explain to her how much LOVE she is going to feel when she holds her daughter for the first time. I tear up thinking about the first conversation we will have when she says "You were so right, it's crazy how much I love this child".   Your heart just explodes. 

Natalie, I cannot wait for you and Pete to experience the coolest gift God could ever give you.  Your hearts will grow exponentially when you meet her.   If there is a few things I can pass to you as a Mommy myself, it is this...slow down and take it all in.  Time flies, I promise you, you will wake up and a year will have passed. Take lots of pictures and always do what you think is right for your child.  And lastly, the only thing I can promise you in this adventure is this...It will not always be easy {those middle of the night feedings will seem like they are never going to end} , but Nat, it will always be worth it.   The love your child has for you is like winning the lottery every day.  I will always be here for anything you need. I love you! 

Yeah for baby Scarlett's debut!! I can't wait to meet her!

P.S. Natalie is hopefully going to publish a blog of her own soon so when she does, I will post her link and you can all follow her journey as a new mom!


Katie @ minivan diva said...

Yes, it is all worth it. Even those middle of the night feedings. : )

Kelly said...

worth it... there's nothing like!
your friend will be an awesome mommy