Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letters To Aidan


My heart is always so full of love for you but there are days {lots of them} where we just have the perfect day and I can't imagine loving anything or anyone more than you. 

Mommy and Daddy are so crazy about you, that if people could see in to our little house they might think we were a little goofy. Sometimes we fight over who is going to sneak in to your bed while you sleep just to smell you and kiss your cheeks while your just dreaming away.  

You have the sweetest soul and the biggest heart. Last night you and I were goofing off and you hit me in the nose.  It hurt so bad, I cried. You felt so bad, you cried.  I was trying to act tough so you wouldn't get upset and you walked right up to me, placed my face in yours hand and said "Mommy, I'm sorry. Can you be happy now."   I was sure my nose was broken but you made my whole body smile. 

One of my favorite parts of the whole day is when I hear the pitter patter of your little feet coming down the hall and around to Daddy's side of the bed.  You crawl up, lay between us and we all go back to sleep and snuggle for an hour or two before it's time to wake up and start our day. 

Lately you are very interested in babies.  I think it comes from several friends of ours having babies recently and some of the kids in your class have siblings.  You ask my questions like how to hold a baby, what do we do when they cry, if we get a baby can it sleep in your room and you would be a nice boy and share your toys with a baby.   We're working on it Bud, we are.

In the meantime, let's just celebrate all the fun we're having as our family of three.  And Thanks for not only the perfect days, but every day.  You've brought incredible happiness in to this house.  We love you.


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