Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blue Cheese Chicken

We have been keeping up with our Wednesday night "dinner club" with our friend Julie and we were looking for a new recipe this week to try out.  When it comes to recipes around here, two things are important, there has to be few ingredients and there has to be lots of flavor. Especially when it comes to chicken. 

My girlfriend Candace had mentioned a chicken recipe she and her husband make relatively often so I asked her what it entailed and when I realized how seriously easy it was, I ran to the store to get the ingredients and have now added it to our favorites list. 

It almost sounds too easy but it just is! Here is the recipe for you all. I am a big fan of the Perdue perfect portions chicken breasts but any skinless, boneless breast would work.  Same with the blue cheese dressing. Marie's is our choice but any chunky blue cheese would be fine.  I served it with Rice Pilaf on the side and marinated some cucumbers as well. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how full of flavor the chicken was.

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