Sunday, August 2, 2009

We're Baaaaaaaack!

Well we are back from Folly Beach. I always seem to get depressed on the 3 hour trip home. Since my parents bought the house down there, we have really grown to love it there and after this trip we are pretty sure we will make this our family vacation spot. The little town of Folly Beach is very laid back and the marsh and beach are beautiful. We spent so little time down there last year (because we were all preparing for my youngest brother's departure to college) my dad decided to rent the cottage for the year until we could all squeeze vacation time back in to our schedules. So, this time around, we rented a condo right across the street from the house. It was a little different going down there and not being in our own space, but the condo was VERY nice. We were right on the salt water river and Aidan got to see all the boats drive past every morning. You would never have known Aidan hasn't been to the beach more than a couple times in his life (none of which he would remember) because the second we put his little feet in the sand he was off! He played in the sand and ocean for hours on end. Luckily, he was able to just nap on the beach. My mom joined us and was sweet enough to keep Aidan at night so Adam and I could have some date nights. Our first night out, I was so exhausted I fell asleep in the car before we could get anywhere! Typical. The second "date" night we had a great dinner out and then met some friends of ours that were in town as well for drinks on the beach and some late night fishing. We actually caught a shark! It was nice to just spend time together and have some adult conversation. We really can't help how much we always talk about Aidan. He is our life. We are lucky enough to have friends that even though they don't have children yet, take a great interest in our lives with him. So we don't have to do to much pretending he doesn't exist when we are with our friends. We got home late and we were up today and it was time to go. I think Adam was more upset than I. After all, he is the one that has to go back to work tomorrow. I hate to even think that we don't get to spend time together again until next Sunday. My birthday is on Tuesday and I can't believe I won't be spending it with my hubby. I really try hard to do it up for every one's birthday around here. I mean it is the only day out of the year that is all about YOU. Some of my wonderful girlfriends and I are going to dinner. It will be a great time. (Back to the subject at hand) it's bittersweet that we are home. I love the beach and love being with my hubby 24/7 but I also really missed my bed!!! My dad just couldn't stand being away from Hap (short for Happy, which is the nickname my dad gave him) so he and my mom stopped by to kid nap Aidan for a couple hours while we enjoyed our dinner tonight. He's lucky enough to have such great grandparents. Thanks to my fabulous, hardworking, handsome hubby who made our trip possible. I loved sitting in beach chairs where the waves broke, I loved sleeping in late and waking up with you still there, I loved holding hands, I loved watching Aidan play and daydreaming about our future with you, I loved laughing with you over good food, I loved just being with you for an extended amount of time and I love you more for getting to spend the time with you. Can't wait for next years beach trip!
I hope everyone had a marvelous weekend, I have been trying to look at as many of the Wedding Party links as possible on Kelly's blog. Someone could get some really good ideas from there. I have to finish this up because Aidan is at the door crying because our Uncle Bentley (our cat) won't come inside to play. Thanks for reading!
P.S. A few pics!!!

Aidan eating a "POP"
Snoozing in his stroller on the beach

Sitting in his beach chair
Daddy and Aidan sitting in the ocean
Best buds hanging out
Scooping sand in to his wagon
Very hard at work here
His dune buggy
Too focused to smile at the camera
Walking up from the ocean
Cutest bum on planet earth
The boys headed in for a swim

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Folly Beach sounds like a wonderful place to visit. Your pictures are great. Happy Birth Day!!! Have a great dinner with your friends. Also, Tomorrow is another post on “What would your children say?” “Wednesday”