Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bad day...Everyone has them...right?

I am not having a good day. Last night, I discovered our AC is not working and at 11:30 pm, it was diagnosed that we need an entirely new condenser. Don't ask me what that is...all I know is it's going to cost me $3000. Today, I got up and the mail came. There was a letter from an attorney we used for Adam when he got a speeding ticket recently. The letter had been mailed but in July but for some reason was just getting to us. The money due to the court for the ticket was due August 4. I was now looking at a $100 late fee. I threw Aidan in the car and we headed uptown to park 3 blocks away and walk in the pouring rain without an umbrella to the courthouse to pay the ticket. When we got home, I realized I had locked us out of the house. GRRRREAT. Pouring rain, no house key and I really had to go to the bathroom. Luckily my mom came to our rescue with a spare key. Once we got inside, I happened to glance at a photo of our wedding day in a frame and thought "Oh my wedding album!". I pulled out the paper work from our photographer and sure enough...if I didn't get the 120 proofs (I had hand picked out of 750 pictures) to the photographer by TODAY I was looking at adding $100 to the cost of the album. JUST MY LUCK! So, I have just finished doing that and I am taking a time out to post this blog and get myself together before I journey out to drop off the proofs. Hopefully with a house key. We are on a serious budget around here this week (thank you new AC condenser, speeding ticket late fee) so we will be eating Mac N Cheese and mini blueberry muffins for dinner. Yummy right?
On a better note yesterday we had a great day with our friends Mike and his son Ryland and Mike's girlfriend Chelsea. We headed to the local park to have a picnic lunch and feed the ducks (my worst nightmare). After lunch I suggested we drive over to another local park where there is a spray ground for the boys to play in since it was hotter than Haiti's outside yesterday. I am proud to announce...I ACTUALLY TOOK SOME PICTURES!!!!

Aidan on the playground
Ryland swinging

Aidan Swinging

The boys in the splash park

These are from our picnic and feeding the ducks
I didn't get too many pictures of this because I was too busy making sure my fearless son wasn't going to jump in the pond!!!

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