Saturday, August 15, 2009

Reality Television

I swear sometimes my life is entertaining enough that people could watch us on reality t.v. Last night, my dear husband returned from visiting an old friend in Indiana (whom he was also helping out with some business) and with him he brought us a precious package. A dog. Not just any FAVORITE dog of all English Bulldog. He somehow missed telling me this during our numerous phone calls on his trip home. We had an English Bulldog before Aidan was born, but she started to get VERY protective of me when I was pregnant, so luckily we found a nice couple to take her and give her a nice home. Needless to say, I was heartbroken. I digress. The point of the story is this...When Adam arrives with this new dog, he is apparently concerned I may not be gung ho on the idea of having another dog right now. So he begins to tell me all the great qualities this dog has...she's fixed, she has health insurance paid up for another year, she is the kind of dog you can put food in her bowl and she will just eat when she's hungry and she has been to training school and is very well behaved. I start to think "OK all the hard work seems to be done, maybe this won't be that bad." The night progresses and the dog has some behavioral issues that I try to correct by saying "stop", "get down", "sit", "lay" getting the point?? She is not responding to anything. A little annoyed I say to my dear husband "I thought you said this dog was trained?" "She's not listening to anything I say." He responds "Well there is a small catch." I should have known. There is always a catch. "What's the catch Adam?" He looks at me with a grin and says "She is's just that....uhhh...she's trained in Spanish." Only my life.

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