Monday, August 17, 2009

Oh A/C I am so sorry I took you for granted!

We are going on a week of being without A/C in our house. Last Tuesday just as Adam left to go out of town, I came home to the HEAT CAVE. Like I hadn't cried enough that day. We keep it pretty chilly in our house (between 69-71) and it was 77! I knew something was wrong. I ran out back and could see that our A/C unit that is usually buzzing away making lovely cold air for us...was silent. Anyways, since I have already blogged that about guys know it was going to cost us $3000. Well, the husband said no how no way. You probably won't even believe me if I tell you this but after allowing Adam to shop around for someone that would do it for cheaper...we found a nice country boy willing to do it for $650!!! Isn't that amazing!!! The name of his company is "Get Air Done" like "Git Er Done". He is the NICEST A/C man I have EVER MET...because you know I've met a lot of them. Long story short...there were a few more things wrong with the unit that we couldn't tell until he got inside. After it is all said and done it is going to cost us $1200. Still much better than the original $3000 and that was even before the company knew about this other problem. So there should be cool air in my house by 10am tomorrow! I am so ready to get back to our house and out of my parents. Not that I don't love staying in this luxurious home and the great care my mom is giving us, it would just be nice to be back in my own space, where I don't have to worry about Aidan breaking something or slamming a door and I could have my own computer that I can navigate flawlessly and my sick Hubby (sinus nastiness) could get better in our own bed under my care and not my mother/father/neighbor/crossing guard/everyone who makes an incoming phone calls advice on how to feel better. I have never appreciated A/C and our (itsy bitsy) home like I will after this whole ordeal. I may even keep it on until Christmas.

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