Friday, August 14, 2009

Show Us Your Life Fridays is hosting "Show Us Your Life" again this week and we are showing off our favorite vacation spot. I am hoping it is okay to have "spots" because I have three. My favorite vacation spots are Massachusetts (yes the whole state), Folly Beach, SC (my parents own a home here and we have come to LOVE it) and Italy (ha ha yes the entire country). I am originally from Massachusetts and going back there to vacation or visit family is always a great time. I feel at "home" when I am there. My parents have a ton of history there and I love to see places that carry a family story.

Folly Beach, SC is a beach town right outside of Charleston. It's the best of both worlds because the city is 20 minutes away from the beach but when you are at the beach, you would NEVER know the city existed. Folly Beach is probably the most laid back beach in the Charleston area. That's another reason why we love it. I don't want to have to be dolled up to make a trip to the beach (this doesn't include my pearls because I don't go anywhere without them). The house there isn't right on the beach it's actually on the marsh. We have a great dock that has a perfect view of the Morris Island lighthouse. There is also a HUGE screened in porch and my mom found the best wicker chairs that just eat you up. We have had some of the best conversations on that screened in porch. As a matter of fact that was the first place I told Adam I loved him.

Then there's Italy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Italy. I went once after I graduated high school with a group and we traveled to around 20 cities all over Europe in 32 days. I remember seeing Venice for the first time. It is so much better in real life than in the movies. The history is just amazing. The way the entire city is built on water it beautiful. The people are so rich in their culture. The food is to die for and the shopping is out of this world. I felt the same way the first time I saw the Vatican. Growing up Catholic it was so special to go to my first mass given by the Pope. I was still a teenager but old enough to know this was such a once in a lifetime experience for me. Two years later I returned with my family. We vacationed with another family that we have been friends with for years and we stayed for 3 1/2 weeks. We rented a villa in a tiny town called Pornello (Umbria) and the population of the town was 8 people. 4 of which worked at the Villa we were renting. This was truly the ONCE IN A LIFETIME trip. My dad pulled out all the stops and it's a trip I'll never forget. We visited Rome , Venice, Florence, Deruta (famous for their pottery), Perugia , Assisi and the list goes on. It was a dream vacation and I am thankful I was able to experience such culture. My family hopes to be able to get Adam over there one of these days. It's like nothing you've ever seen.

This is the link to the villa we rented in Pornello. I don't have any pictures from that trip on my computer because we weren't using digital then and they are all on film. If I get a chance to scan some of them, I will. They are great!

Some pictures of Massachusetts:

Trees in the fall in Massachusetts...Fall is gorgeous there!

This was my Nana's house. You have to know, we were from VERY small towns in Mass. outside of Boston. It wasn't this color when she lived there and she had gorgeous landscaping.

This is the inside of a apple farm barn (say that three times fast) we used to walk to from our house when we were kids. Adam loved the Carmel apples they make last time we were there. It will be so cool to take Aidan one of these days.

This was my childhood home. Minus the front porch, garage, and tacky lamp post in the front. As a matter of fact, our driveway wasn't even where this one is. One thing that stayed the same...the color!

Our names in the sand at Folly Beach

Sunset at Folly.

The view from our dock.

As usual my pictures are all out of order, but this goes with my Massachusetts pictures. Except these are pictures of Maine. Kind of cheating but part of that vacation. This is a great little fishing village in Maine.

When we were younger, we had a house in Maine and when we wanted to go to the beach, my mom and dad would put my brothers and I in a blow up raft with all of our beach stuff and they would swim across this saltwater river to the bridge you can barely see in the dunes to get to the beach. Never would I ever do that.

This is a picture the chairs we have on our screened in porch. Except ours are magenta with black and white polka dot cushions. Your butt just sinks right in and we have the best ottomans to match. Makes me wish I was there right now!

Sorry for being all over the place on this post. Thanks for stopping by!!! Can't wait to see your posts!!!

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Kathryn said...

We're planning a trip to Italy for next summer/fall and neither of us have been to Europe, so I'll have to recruit you when we start planning the nitty gritty details!