Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I have been struggling to find a funny story to tell for WWYCSW but I have been at a loss until today!! So don't worry, I will not let my friends at Family American Style down! Yesterday was my birthday (woo hoo) and my wonderful husband (he really is WONDERFUL) bought me a gorgeous David Yurman Ring and one of those singing cards from Hallmark. This is the card in the ecard form.;-102001;11443;-102034;179558%7Cecard%7CP1R3S%7Cecards?cardType=premium&template=n&categoryId=179558

The front of the card says "I'm just gonna give it to you straight on your birthday" and when
you open the card it says, "mmm mmmm you are looking fine, in one word YUM, Happy Birthday you good looking hunk of person you, I just wanna eat you up" Aidan is there when I open the card and my present and the second he hears "YUM" he points to me and says "Mama YUUUUMMMMM" and every five minutes ever since, he has repeated it. It is quite funny!!! He even has got the tone in the voice down. You have to listen to the card on the link above and it might be more amusing for you. I hope! Maybe next week I'll have a better story, but I didn't want to miss out! Thanks for stopping by!

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Family American Style. said...

That is a great story. My son mimics songs all the time and it is really funny to hear. The best part is when they start to dance. Get the video recorder ready!!!