Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show Us Your Life Fridays

This is a few days late...we just got home from the beach and I opted to leave the laptop at home*
It's that time of the week again when Kelly's Korner hosts "Show Us Your Life Fridays". Last week was wedding dresses and this week is wedding party and flowers. We had a small wedding party of just 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen. They were a wonderful wedding party! I spent a lot of time ( too much ) on our flowers. The arrangements were a culmination of my ideas and Pam's from Flowers From the Cellar on South Blvd. here in Charlotte. I hope you enjoy and I can't wait to see every ones wedding parties and flowers! ( Excuse all the pictures...I got a little crazy)

The girls and I in the limo on the way to the ceremony

Mariann is the first in the picture, she and I have been best friends for years. We met through our ex boyfriends. We lost them and kept the friendship! I think we both got the better end of the deal. Haha! Mariann lives in Boston with her boyfriend Mike and we love them both dearly. Candace is next. She is my best friend and was my maid of honor. We have been best friends since Sophomore year of high school. We have been through more together than I can remember. She is engaged to be married in just 6 weeks!!! Amanda is next, she and I also met through ex boyfriends and have been best friends for years now. Life just wouldn't be the same without my Amanda. She's the friend I HAVE to talk to everyday. They were PERFECT bridesmaids!

One of my best friends Natalie, she was not in the wedding because she got married two weeks before me. She was an "honorary" bridesmaid! Natalie and I also met through the same ex boyfriends. So, moral of the story the exes were dud's but we made great friendships out of them! Haha! Natalie is now married to a wonderful man Pete and they are great friends to us!

A shot of us in the church. It was a little hard to stay focused because guests were arriving outside and we wanted to check everyone out.

This is after the ceremony, before the reception. I was actually more nervous about the reception for some reason so on our way there, we stopped off for a drink at our favorite local bar Tyber Creek. A little wedding party secret. The photographer was upset that we did not inform them so they could capture that. Classy huh?

The Wedding Party joined us during half way through our first dance Sade "By Your Side" .

As you can see, Amanda and my brother Bobby are cracking up. Never a dull moment with our friends.

My parents. My dad says he looks old in this picture but I love it anyways. Thanks Mom and Dad for the best wedding EVER!

The boys. Michael, was our best man. He is 4 yrs younger than Adam and Adam can remember when he was born. He has great stories to tell about when Michael used to ride his bike in diapers and cow boy boots. He is a wonderful friend of ours. George and Adam met in elementary school. They have also been friends ever since. George and his wife Angela are expecting their first baby in just a few weeks and we could not be more excited for them. I think George and Adam are blown away by the fact that they have known eachother long enough to see eachother get married and have children. Bobby is my brother. He is the middle child in our family. He has actually been hanging out with these guys for about ten years and they had a friendship long before I even knew Adam exsited. They are even closer now that they are family. Then of course my cutie hubs. My pew markers. Arrangements in brown shimmery paper cones. For some reason I like that you can see Adam and I at the alter in the background.

Alter arrangement.
What happened here, I am not quite sure. I don't even remember seeing this but to me it looks like my florist took all of the leftover flowers and threw them in a vase. Up close, my mom says it was gorgeous. Uhh?? The vase has a story dad sent my mom flowers in it on their 30th wedding anniversary. It a beautiful crystal vase and I thought it was perfect for the alter.

Candace and Aidan. This is headed in to the church I believe. We hadn't really even planned on Aidan participating in the wedding until about 2 weeks before.

George & Mariann being announced. You can kind of see the floating candles on the ledge behind them.

My brother Bobby & Amanda being announced

Candace and Aidan walking down the aisle. I love to look at people's faces in this picture! Adam said he was so nervous until he saw Aidan coming down the aisle. I think he set the mood for the whole day.
The boys outside of the reception. Why Adam and Mike are doing a thumbs up, I don't know.

We had 100 of these cylinders with Hydrangeas and floating candles on a ledge that was on one entire side of the room! I LOVED them!

Half of the tables had this arrangement on it and the other half had a taller arrangement. I made the table number cards myself. I free handed the numbers and bought scrapbook stickers with different love quotes and put them at the bottom of the card.

Our head table arrangement. It was amazing! Since we were married in the fall I wanted to use a lot of warm fall colors. We used coffee beans and fruit in a lot of the arrangements.

Our bouquets.

My favorite shot of the wedding party.
My bouquet
My Bouquet again

*All photos courtesy of Indigo Photography Charlotte*


Amanda said...

Just looking at those pictures makes me smile---I know I say it all the time, but I would LOVE to go back to that day and do it all over again!! Personally, my life wouldn't be the same without Aidan in it, but I guess you are pretty cool too :) LOVESS

Unknown said...

I love the colors of the bouquets. Fall is my favorite season.
Everyone looks so beautiful and handsome. I also love your bouquet.