Tuesday, August 11, 2009

26 Really?

I said out loud for the first time today that I am "26"! 26? Really? Where has the time gone? I can't even believe my birthday has come and gone already. So much has changed in such a short amount of time. On my 22ND birthday I was sitting on the beach in Charleston, newly single, with a slew of friends toasting to "fun times". My 23rd birthday wasn't much different. Except a month later I found out I was pregnant. Nuts. I went from living with my parents to buying my first house in June, asking Adam to move in with me, partying in Charleston with friends in August and then getting pregnant in September. Whoa. Looking back my 23rd year was a big one. Aidan was born and 2 months later I was 24. 24 with a baby. This was not my plan. 2 more months later, Adam proposed. I think I saw my life flashing before my eyes. Time was flying by. Another year passed and Aidan was 1. 1? A whole year of being a mom. A whole year. August came and I was 25. I was blown away. 25 with a one year old, engaged to be married. What happened to "I don't even want to get married before I'm 30 and who knows if I'll ever have kids". October came and it was wedding time. I intentionally planned the wedding 14 months out. I wanted to soak everything up. I wanted to make sure I was doing ALL the right things. I knew he was the man of my dreams and when the doors to the church opened and I saw him standing at the alter I knew I had made all the right choices. June came and Aidan turned two. Success! I haven't done any major damage to him yet and from the sounds of all our family and friends, he is turning out to be a great kid. Soooo then we get to last week. I turned 26. 26 years old. I remember being 18 being excited about being 21. Now I am 26 and the only thing I get excited about is trips to Lowe's, family dinners and more baby talk. I'm 26 and man has the time flown by. It wasn't my plan, things haven't always gone the way I would've liked, and it hasn't always felt good. Now, I'm sitting here on my sofa with my two boys cuddled up on the other end and I think to myself "26...26......26.........I'm incredibly blessed , deliriously happy, extremely loved and even though the past 4 years flew by, it finally all just feels right".

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