Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Wednesday & WWYCSW By the time it gets fixed it will be Christmas and I won't need cold air. Thank God my mom and dad decided they wouldn't be TOTALLY put out if we stayed with them until the part we need comes in. If Aidan wasn't apart of the family, I can almost guarantee that we would be home in the heat. My dad is crazy about him.

This week I am participating in "What Would Your Child Say Wednesday" brought to us by...Family American Style. This week my story is short and sweet. Aidan and I had been running errands this week and the time got away from me. I know this happens to you ALL. It was two o'clock before I realized that we hadn't had lunch. I decided to stop off at Chick Fil A and grab some chicken nuggets and allow Aidan to play on the play set. We were in line ordering and I noticed Aidan wasn't standing beside me anymore. I frantically looked around and came to the realization that Aidan was walking from table to table saying "hungwee". I almost died. People were looking at me like "feed this kid before he takes our food from our hands". One lady actually gave him one of her fries. I ended up ordering him extra nuggets and he ate them ALL!!! Thanks for reading!!!

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