Thursday, August 6, 2009

Show Us Your Life Friday's

It's that time of the week again. Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show Us Your Life Friday's" and this week we are doing wedding receptions and honeymoons. My reception was beautiful. I wanted to do it in kind of a funky industrial space and then pack the place with flowers and have it only lit by candle. With the exception of some up lighting we did on the back brick walls of the venue, I succeeded. For my favor, I did a candy bar. I am sure some of you have heard of this. It's when you fill jars of candy and place them on a table and your guests can come by and scoop candy in to bags to take home. It was really cute. We also had a monogrammed cookie to take. I had a DJ instead of a live band. Which I am glad I did, because even though I LOVE live music, there just are some things that can't be messed with. I.E. Journey "Don't Stop Believing" and Neil Diamond "Sweet Caroline" a staple at a Red Sox fans wedding.
Since, I decided to go back to school and coincidentally was starting just a week and a half afterwards, Adam and I have yet to take a honeymoon. I am originally from Massachusetts (Boston area) so instead of rushing over to a tropical island for the time being we decided since Adam has never seen where I am from, we would take a "Get to Know Your Wife Trip". A quick trip to Boston then back for school and eventually we would take a real honeymoon. We are presently working on a trip for our two and a half year anniversary. Took us long enough right? We kind of got sentimental about Boston so we are going there for our anniversary trip in October.

We had a signature cocktail at our reception. It was a Pomegranate Martini. Yum! The napkins were chocolate brown and said April & Adam. My colors where moss green, hot pink and chocolate brown. Candace and I after she caught the bouquet.
Tossing the bouquet.
Cutting the cake. It was amazing! It was three tiers and I wanted it to look like someone had taken pearls and thrown them on the cake. Of course being in the south, I had to have my monogram on the middle tier.
I think I have posted this picture before. This my dad and I during our father, daughter dance. Luckily he is a good dancer and leader so we were able to make it kind of fun. It's a well known fact in our family that I am my dad's favorite. First born, only girl. It's a given. Our personalities are very similar and we are extremely close. He's not a real emotional person and I don't think he cried at all during my wedding. He just called me the morning of and said to me "Baby, this is your day, this is the day we've dreamed about for you. I want you to know I love you with all my heart and I have tried my best to make this perfect for you. You couldn't have picked a better guy. I'll see you at the church gorgeous." He's the greatest man I know and I think I have more pictures of he and I around the house than Adam and I. Ha!
* I am surprised I didn't have more reception pics saved on my computer*

"Get to Know Your Wife Trip" Haha

This way towards the end of our trip but the pictures are all out of order. This is the Kennedy compound on Cape Cod. We are Kennedy lovers in my family (being from Mass and all) so I had to show this to Adam.

Just a picture I took of Adam's wedding band. I was excited he was all mine!!!
Me and a friend of ours little girl. We are at an Oyster Festival on the Cape.
Perkins Cove, Ogunquit, Maine. This is where we had our summer cottage when I was young. My dad sold it to one of his uncles when we moved down south, keeping it in the family so we can go back if we want.

This is Natalie and I at an apple orchard we used to frequent when I was younger. She and her husband Pete live in Boston so we stayed with them during our trip and when Pete worked, Nat joined us on our adventures!! Mariann and her boyfriend Mike also live in Salem, MA so they joined us for a leg of our trip as well.

We did tons of things I didn't take pics of. Red Sox game, we visited my child hood home, my grandparents home, the cemetery where they are buried (Adam finally got to meet them Ha) we saw the beach cottage and I got to show Adam where I had carved my name in a wooden raft when I was younger. I took him to the North End in Boston so he could have a famous canoli at Mike's Pastry too! Adam and Natalie were shocked at the fact that I was able to get them to all of these places without any directions. I could remember where everything was from my childhood. It even kind of surprised me! It was a wonderful trip and we are making it a yearly ritual.

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No, thanks for your comments- if you don't comment on my posts, who will?? I was actually going to post a comment here a few days ago, but I was thinking, "No, she'll think I'm a stalker..."

Your reception looks great! And I had no idea you were from Massachusetts-- you've done a fine job disguising yourself as a southerner but I don't know if that's a compliment to you or not... Do you say "wicked" a lot? :)