Thursday, July 2, 2009

Catch Up

I feel like I have so many little things I am forgetting to add to my blog and I am trying to play a little catch up. Everyday if something comes to mind I want to blog about, I jot it down. Well, there aren't enough days in the year at this point. Our life is a little crazy to say the least.

Although I grew up in Catholic school and I have always been raised around religion I have been a little lax about going to church and keeping up with my prayers the past well lets say ten years. Sad, I know. Since I have started this blogging adventure (that's what we'll call it) I read so many stories about people who have these amazing relationships with God and it really is inspiring. While I am probably not going to become an every Sunday church goer any time soon, I would like to get back in touch with my faith. I think there are a lot of people out there who are in need of prayer (myself included) and I'd like to help. So, through blogging I have started praying for so many people. I'm working on it but right now this is how a typical prayer goes down for me...

"God, I know it's been a long time since we talked, but I think it's time to get back on the prayer wagon. I have so many people I want to pray for. I want to pray for all the kids I read about on blogs that need your help. This week especially baby Grayson who is due to come in to this world anytime and sweet Kate who needs her brain to be fixed. I also need you to look over Nick's mom...I can't remember her name but you know who she is. And thank you for my healthy family and for being good to me when I haven't been good to you." and then I have 3 or 4 P.S. prayers. It's a start right?? Anyways, please pray for Grayson who's blog I attached yesterday and for Kate...

Today my friend Candace invited us to come uptown to her pool to swim and hang out. We have done this once or twice before and now I realize why we don't do it more often. Candace lives in one of those really nice high rise condos. You know, where all the young, gorgeous (now laid off) young executives live. Well the day started out fine, I knew Aidan would want to be in the pool the whole time. Candace and I were both getting weary about the status of the pool diaper. Those of you with kids know how deceiving the pool diaper can be. So, about thirty minutes passed and Aidan was making one of his trips out of the pool on the ladder when I noticed my worst nightmare. Poop oozing out of the back of the pool diaper. I freaked. All I could think was "if one of these amazingly beautiful, young, skinny, rich people that have no kids and probably don't even like them" see this, it's going to be MORTIFYING!!!! So, I quickly grabbed Aidan up (he of course started screaming) grabbed a towel, wrapped it around Aidan and told Candace to grab my pool bag and meet me in the bathroom. There was now poop EVERYWHERE! I really didn't know what I was going to do. I just started stripping Aidan down and trying not to get sick. Candace was nice enough to take Aidan's bathing suit and clean it in the sink. At this point, Aidan was so grossed out himself, he was taking toilet paper off the roll and trying to wipe it off (of himself, the pool bag, our towel, the floor and walls) . Finally, we got all cleaned up and headed back to the pool. I was in such a state of shock that something like that had just happened we didn't stay much longer. It's one of those things that you hear about and pray never happens to you. It could have been such a disaster. Imagine if I hadn't noticed BLOWOUT 2009 before he got back in the pool. Oh it makes me nauseous thinking about it.

I will definitely get some pictures taken this weekend so that you guys can see the our little man and how much he is growing everyday!
I will also work on getting my Show Us Where You Live Fridays Up Soon!

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