Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Fridays...on Tuesday.

So, I am sooo behind on show us where you live Friday! With the 4Th of July and reaching my 12 week countdown for my triathlon, I have been VERY busy. This week Kelly hosted "Show Us Where You Live Friday" and the area was our yards. If I remember correctly?? HA HA. I apologize these pictures are at night BUT with the weather so hot here in NC these days, this is the only time we spend out there. I took these pictures Sunday night when Adam and I were getting to eat dinner outside.
Adam and I own a landscaping company here in Charlotte (THE QUEENS GREENS) so along the way he has learned how to do so many cool things. Including hardscapes. So goes the story of our patio. Adam had done a job for someone and there was left over rock. He came home and announced we were building a patio and after about two months of only working on the weekends and an hour here and there...you get what we have above. It really is beautiful!!! The house you see on the left is actually our neighbors. We live in the city so the houses our pretty close together. We love the neighborhood though.

This picture is what you see when you walk out the backdoor (where as the other was from the far corner of our yard). We have a gas stainless grill (far left) and a smoker. You know we southerners have to have a place to cook our BBQ!! I should have taken better pictures but in the bottom corner you can see another chair where there is another sitting area. People can also sit along the ledge of the wall. This makes for great entertaining! We have gotten so many compliments on the new patio and although there are some things that still have to get finished, I am so happy with it and so proud and thankful that my hubby was able to do this for us! I honestly just did a lot of complaining during the project because it felt like it was never going to be complete.

All of the furniture is from Garden Ridge. I decided I wasn't going to spend too much on patio furniture because we entertain so much it really gets wear and tear on it. It is extremely comfortable and if next year it looks rough, I'll toss it and buy more.

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