Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I am being a lazy blogger

I apologize to all my blog readers out there who haven't seen a post in a few days. I have been crazy busy with I can't even tell you what. The days are just flying by. I mean are we really in the second week of July??
For those of you who know me well, know that I am training for my very first triathlon in September. We just this Sunday hit our 12 week mark so training has been picked up a notch. When I signed up for this triathlon, my biggest fears were these
1. Will I remember how to swim or ride my bike?
2. Will I train enough to be ready?
3. Will I be the person they pick up in the ambulance because everyone else is done with the race and I'm on deaths doorstep?

With twelve weeks to go, these are my current fears
1. Can you see my thong through my bike shorts when I am riding and maybe I should just do away with undies at this point?
2. When I run, am I the only person that notices my breathing sounds like a dog panting?
3. Should I tell my family and friends to stay home since I will be wearing the same skin tight Tri Suit for all three events and it is not at all flattering on me?

Long story short, I think I am much more close to being ready. My thought have shifted from whether or not I can do it, to how terrible am I going to look? I have tons of training and plan on continuing everyday for the next 12 weeks. And if end up being the person they take away in an ambulance, I probably won't realize it, so please just tell me I finished.

P.S. Please continue to pray for sweet Kate and for Grayson. As far as I know, he was born sometime today but I have no word on how he is doing. Thanks!!!!!!!

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