Friday, July 17, 2009

Childrens Birthday Parties

This week is hosting a new version of "Show Us Where You Live Fridays"...this weeks it's children's birthday here it goes...
Well Aidan just turned two, so there aren't many birthday parties to talk about. Since he is born in June, we will probably almost always do things outside for his birthday.
For his 1st birthday we invited EVERYONE we knew and it was over stimulation and the poor thing did not know what to do with himself. It was a great cookout though and we enjoyed all of our family and friends even if Aidan didn't!
The birthday boy eating his cake. It took forever to get him to even to try his cake but it was DELICIOUS!!! A family friend made it for us. The main cake was a dinosaur and Aidan had his own cake that was a dinosaur egg. SO CUTE!

This is Aidan opening presents

The Dinosaur Cake

Our birthday Prince

This year for Aidan's 2nd birthday, I knew I wanted to tone it down a little. In actuality the day is all about him and so that's how I wanted the party to feel. We just invited immediate family and a few close friends. We rented a blow up jumpy castle thingy and it was a hit! Even the adults got in it! We asked that no one bring presents because honestly Aidan has enough stuff as it is and with everyone kind of being tight on money with the economy, we just didn't want anyone to think that's what this was about. Of course, he still got TONS of great gifts!!
Adam and Aidan after he opened presents and all the other kids took them to play with and he was sad.

The castle and some Backyardigans balloons.

The awesome cupcakes from A great bakery here in Charlotte!

Aidan's personalized cupcake

The castle again. This was so much fun and really not too expensive. It was supposed to be put in the back yard but didn't fit down the stairs from the driveway to the yard. Oh well, the whole neighborhood got to see us party!
Adam and Aidan getting ready to head down the slide
My child is fearless, so he came down one of the slides head first. I don't know who took this picture but I love it.

This is Uncle Bob (my brother) helping Aidan open up his fire truck that he bought him. In case you haven't heard Aidan LOVES fire trucks and we now have to carry this one around EVERYWHERE! Thanks Bob.
This is Aidan, his Aunt Amanda and his our good friend Mike's son Ryland all in the center section of the bounce castle.

The birthday boy on his final slide down the side. He was so sad to see the guys come and pack up the castle that night. He stood and cried. So sad.

Next week is wedding dresses! That should be fun to see! I should probably let me mom know that I will be coming over to unpack mine. Haha! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all enjoy your weekend.
***I know I said I was going to continue with my own "Show us Where You Live Fridays" because I joined late and only got to show three areas BUT we are in the process of a small remodel right now so I don't want to take pics just yet. So I'll start up again when we are done.***

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Aidan had a very cute 1st and 2nd birthday.