Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Would Your Child Say Wednesday

I am participating in "What Would Your Child Say Wednesday". This should be interesting #1 because I can never spell Wednesday without spellchecking (ha ha) and Aidan is just barely starting to talk. I was trying to think of a story to tell and Aidan made it much easier by doing something really cute while I was getting ready to post. If you don't have children or at least know Aidan, you may not appreciate this little thing. Well, Aidan has been sleeping in his big boy (toddler bed) bed for about 3 months now. He isn't always in the mood to go to bed so he climbs out and comes back in our room. Adam and I switch off being the weak one that let's him in to our bed. Recently, we have been talking about how we need to crack down on a new schedule so Aidan can get on track. Especially with him going to pre school in August. Tonight was our first night trying to be "strict" about the bedtime routine. We put Aidan to bed and it seemed like all was well. Adam went in to the living room to watch some TV and I came in the bedroom to work on my blogging. Probably 30 minutes went by and I heard Aidan's door open slightly and then he took off running across the hallway in to our room and climbed right up in to our bed and cuddled up right next to me. I heard Adam get up and head towards our room. He came in and Aidan looked at him with a huge smile and said "hey Dada" and waved. For us this is just the sweetest thing because his words right now are so far and few between. Adam looked at me and we both knew this "strict" thing was never going to happen.

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Family American Style. said...

Very cute story. It’s hard to be “strict” when they are so cute like that. It just makes you want to laugh.