Friday, July 24, 2009

"Show Us Your Life Fridays"

Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show us your life Fridays" and this week we are showing off our wedding dresses. This is kind of exciting!Am I the only one that wishes she could wear her dress around my house all the time? I think we should start making up excuses to wear our dresses more often. There is a funny story behind my dress. When I got engaged, the first bridal magazine I bought, I flipped it open to a page with this dress on it. I was IN LOVE. I went with a one of my best friends that was also engaged at the time to try it on and knew it was the one. I just kept telling myself "This is too easy". So, I spent some more time visiting other bridal stores and trying on more dresses. I finally thought I had found "The Dress". My mom and my maid of honor Candace were both with me and we all agreed that a strapless A Line dress with lots of beading on the bottom was it. So, my mom paid for it and we were off. I still couldn't get the other dress out of my head. Months passed and my mom and I were in the car one day and she looked at me and said "April, I just don't think the dress that we bought is THE ONE". I was so relieved. I told her how I had been dreaming about the first dress I had tried on and was dying for her to see it. I took her to see the dress and when I came out of the dressing room she was in tears. We both just knew. That was it. It really was that easy. So, we hugged and decided we were going to have to eat the money we had already spent on the other dress but it was well worth it because every girl deserves her dream here she is....
Leaving the church

Getting ready to walk down the aisle
Before the reception

Our First Kiss as husband and wife Some of my girlfriends and I at the reception

Father, Daughter Dance (Paul Simon Father & Daughter)
Breaking it down (haha) with one of my best friends Mariann

Adam was so cute about my dress from the very beginning. He wanted to know nothing about the dress. It was what he was most looking forward to on our big day. Even though he turned in to a nervous spaz during the ceremony and could barely move let alone talk, he absolutely loved the dress and told me how beautiful I looked about every 5 minutes the entire night!
*All photos courtesy of Indigo Photography Charlotte*

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Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Your dress was gorgeous. I enjoyed my visit to your blog...Hope you will visit me...I have a fun post up today with two giveaways on Monday.