Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Update on Scout

I know you all have been dying to hear about how the puppy is doing.  It's going pretty good.  He has had minimal accidents in the house and has really warmed up to the cats and loves chasing them around the backyard.  Luckily our yard is fenced in so I can just let him out of his crate and right out the back door to use the bathroom and he loves to play out there.  Aidan loves to let him chase him around.  He is sleeping great at night in his crate. He's never whined once! We really think he likes it in there.  He does chew stuff. I bought him some toys to chew so hopefully that will change but he was pulling up the braid in our jute rug in the living room and I was having a heart attach on a daily basis.  He totally ruined the rug in front of our washing machine. It was one of those deals where he got one thread loose and then unraveled half the rug.  Adam said I was looking for an excuse to toss it so he really helped me out. He is eating more which is great.  When we first brought him home, he didn't eat for 3 or 4 days and I felt so bad for him.  Now, I am regretting buying the expensive organic food because I imagine we will be running through it. He is a huge snuggler. When Adam and I are still up at night after Aidan goes to bed and he wants to snuggle, he sneaks in to Aidan's room, jumps on the chair at the end of his bed and then jumps on the foot of the bed and cuddles up next to Aidan. We've found him in there half a dozen times now.  It's pretty cute but I am not a huge fan of the dog in our beds.  I'm trying to chill out a little bit. Energy is not something he is short on.  On Halloween we took him trick or treating and had every intention of letting him ride in the wagon.  He wasn't having it. He walked the entire way! That's really all I have to report for now!  I'm hoping he's trained sooner than later and I can stress less about him peeing everywhere and really enjoy having a dog. Aidan is in love so I don't think he's going anywhere!

Taking a snooze on Mr. Harvey while he works on his iPad.  
side note: my husband is wearing thermal underwear because when it starts to get cold he acts like we live at the North Pole in an 3 bedroom igloo.
Snuck a pic of Scout in Aidan's bed.  I'm assuming it must be warm under Aidan's chin.
 Aidan getting dog kisses and cracking up.
 I just took this picture over the weekend. He is still so tiny.  And OK, he's cute. He's really, really cute.

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Simply Sara said...

I love the picture of Scout and Aiden, what an adorable picture. That puppy is adorable!!!