Sunday, November 20, 2011

Full Circle

This is the post I did over on Naptime Diaries last week. Thought I would post it here for everyone to read!!!

Hey y'all faithful Naptime Diaries readers! I'm April from You, Me & The Kid. I feel so super special to be here posting on the infamous blog of Jessi Connolly!

Writing this post on Jessi's blog is a full circle blogging moment of sorts for me.  You see, Jessi's blog is the first blog I.EVER.READ. I guess you could say, she partly inspired me to start blogging.  Here I am three plus years later, writing a post.

When I first started reading, I have to be honest...I wasn't a huge fan.  I didn't get all the scripture and I couldn't relate to her living all the way across the country with three kids.  I knew I had to be missing something because she is loved and adored here in blog land.

Even though I swore I disliked her blog, I kept coming back.  Every day reading, checking in to see how she was.  I had to know how she was doing it with three babies.  Where she was with loosing her baby weight.  Where she and Nick were on their church planting journey. Something kept bringing me back.

I think I thought Jessi had it all figured out.  I started to realize the "dislike" was more "envy" than anything. I was envious that she had the strength to put on her blog when she was happy and when she was really, really sad. That she could start a project and admit she would rather just spend time with her family than finish it. I was envious when she took the kids to school with LIPSTICK on and that she looked so beautiful after having three kids and I was still a disaster after one.  I was envious of her incredible faith in God.

Slowly, I started to realize the reason I loved her.  It wasn't that she has it all figured out, because really, who does?  It was that she really was just a normal girl trying to be a good Christian and a good mother and a good wife.  And isn't that what we're all trying for?  How could I not relate to that? 

And now this blog of hers, it's my INSPIRATION.  I used to greet my hubby with yoga pants and crazy hair every day.  Now, I try my best to throw on some make up and the jeans he thinks my butt looks cute in.  And I've worn lipstick to preschool once or twice.  I almost thought about running.  =) . I'm nowhere near making Quinoa but it's the thought that counts right??  Most importantly I've learned to be happy where I am in my life.  Find the good even when it's muddled together with tons of bad.  And even though I have days I feel like my best isn't good enough, HE always does.  

Thanks for reading and Jessi, Thanks so much for having me.

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