Thursday, November 10, 2011

10 Random Facts About Ape

1. I have a titanium rod inside of the femur in my left leg. When it's cold it hurts like a mamma jamma. My best friend Candace has one in her right leg. We are twins.

2. My hair color is naturally red. I've been coloring it blonde for 15+ years. Every time I think I want to grow it out, I get like 6 inches of red roots and run to get color.

3. I hate folding laundry. I've been known to start the dryer over and over to prevent myself from actually having to fold it.

4. I got engaged in the car. So did my parents.

5. When I was in labor with Aidan, I walked around Wal Mart with my mom for hours. I stripped in the women's section to change in to a pair of sweat pants I just had to put on right there. I was uncomfortable!

6. Speaking of being pregnant, one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to mom and I were running side by side on treadmills at the Y when all of a sudden I just stopped, sat down and flew off. At which point my mom started screaming "she's pregnant!"

7. Since moving in to our house 5 years ago, we have painted the kitchen 3 times, the dining room 3 times, the living room 2 times, our bedroom 3, Aidan's 2 times, our bathroom 3 and our playroom a whopping 6 times! My hubby has patience.

8. I have to visit TJ MAXX/Marshall's @ least once a week. I know when new stuff is coming in weekly and it's the best retail therapy because it's CHEAP!

9. My first car was a Volkswagen Cabrio. My Dad bought it for me and I loved it. Until it caught fire. Yup, I can say "well I drove it until it caught fire".

10. I've had migraines my entire life. I always know when I'm going to get one because I start to see black dots on everything. Sometimes they are so bad I can feel the pressure of people walking on the floor. Weird?


Kate G. said...

A) you can't tell us you have a metal rod in your leg and not say WHY!

B) Were you pregnant when you fell off the treadmill?? Or was your mom trying to cover for your clumsiness?

Adam, April & Aidan said...

Sorry for not clarifying...the rod is from my car accident sophmore yr of HS. I broke my femur in half!

and I was pregnant when I fell off the treadmill. I should have told that story better! <3.