Saturday, November 26, 2011

Deb and Bobs New Digs

You already know my parents sold their house and are living in a rental until they decide where they want to go.  Well  they have been looking at the same condo for a few years.  It's the condo that inspired them to put their house on the market in the first place.  Well, they BOUGHT IT!  It's been a few weeks since they purchased it and they finally took us over there! It's totally unfinished.  When we are done with it, it will be GORGEOUS!!!

Here's a peek at their new place. 
**It's a mess right now, as all the builder has been using their space at a catch all for leftovers from other condos!

Their FRONT door.  They actually have a "back door" as well. It's all the way down the hall! 
Aidan says "Come on In!"

Aidan is standing in the Foyer.   It's hard to tell in picture but it's octogon shaped.  My parents are planning on putting a big chandelier here with a round table in the center!

Immediately to the left are two closests and there is also a HUGE powder room. The door is not visible in this photo.

Straight down the hall on the left is the dining room (not pictured b/c it is full of junk) and this is one side of the living room.  The fireplace will have a chunky mantle added and one of my favorite pieces of my parents artwork is being hung above.

View of the french doors leading out to their balcony.  Sorry for the terrible iPhone photos! Their balcony is is round which I love and there is plenty of space for a grill and furniture.

They have the best view of the pool!

 In Aidan's words "It's wonderful, I love it." 

Back inside is the other side of the living room.  There are going to be wall to wall book cases here.  My mom has requested a 60" TV for this wall as well. 

The hall to the bedrooms.  Plenty of wall space to hang some of their art collection.

Adam standing in the Master Bedroom looking in to the master bath. The door way you can see on the left is their closet.  I could move in there and be happy. 

Adam standing in the hall outside of the Master. On the left are two doorways to the other two bedrooms.  And on the right near Adam is the guest bath and behind him is the "back door".
 A photo of the outside of the building on the parking deck side. I love the look of it!

I didn't even take a photo of the kitchen space because it's going to be so different from what it is now. 
I cannot wait for them to start work on it and I really can't wait for them to move in so they can be settled again. I know it's a bummer for them to be in that rental. They are hoping to be in my May!

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