Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Pics of the Little Guy

I absolutely promise to post more pictures of Aidan this year. I need a new memory card for my camera. Actually, I need a new camera all together. When you are taking pictures of someone this cute, you need a nice camera. The Nikon d5000 is on my wish list.

Aidan sitting in the front seat of my car ONLY because we were in the car wash and he gets a little nervous when we go through.

This was earlier today right before we took the light rail uptown to buy our circus tickets for Wednesday. That's right we're going to the circus. Aidan has no idea what that means but he is very excited.

My sweet Aunt Karen sends Aidan box loads of Gap Kids stuff for Christmas and his birthday. This is one of the shirts he got recently and we just think he looks so handsome in a button down. I think he agrees!!!


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