Sunday, January 24, 2010

Decorating on a Budget

Recently, I told you I was in project mode and boy was I serious. This weekend I devoted myself to getting our guest room/Aidan's playroom redone. I didn't take any before pictures because I was too anxious to get started. I am really regretting that now. I will tell you that there was a TV in here, a tan sofa and the walls were a periwinkle blue color.

I started by listing the sofa for sale on Craig's List on Wednesday night. I figured whatever I made off the sofa would be my budget for the room. That's right, sell on piece of furniture to redo an ENTIRE room. I am known for my bargain shopping so I wasn't really worried about it. One thing I knew was that whatever I bought, had to be functional. We have visitors regularly and since this is technically our guest bedroom not only did I need seating in there but a bed of some sort. We unofficially had also turned this in to Aidan's TV room. SOOO...I listed the sofa for $600 late Wednesday night and by the time I got up on Thursday, I had 7 new emails about it. The first person who came to see it, bought it.

$600 bucks. That was now my budget. Adam was out of town for work so I figured I could paint while he was gone. I headed to Lowe's and stood in front of the paint colors for about 30 minutes and then I picked the Valspar color Milk Chocolate. I came home and painted. I was so proud of myself because I never paint anything. Adam does all the painting.

Saturday morning the sofa was picked up and with cash in hand, I headed to Ikea. I already had my heart set on the Meldal iron daybed. I picked out the mattress to go with it and then started cruising through the Marketplace and picking up little things here and there.

This is my finished product:

Day Bed

Window Wall

Day Bed again

TV Wall

For some reason I can't get the pics to upload any bigger!!! Here's a little breakdown of what I spent my money on.

These pictures are much bigger. Anything that doesn't have a description on it, I just took from other places in our house and re purposed here. I am really happy with how it turned out!

(Don't know what happened to the pic about the bed)

Ikea Meldal Day Bed Frame $99.99
Ikea Plush Mattress $179.00 Ikea Sisal Rug $149.00

Grand Total: $604. 36. Adam gave me $5 bucks. What a nice guy. Haha! Pretty good huh?
P.S. I bet all of you that knew what the room looked like before are in shock aren't you???


Kate G. said...

It looks great!! But please stop re-decorating until I can join in. It just makes me jealous. :)

megitys said...

It looks great! Love the chair! And what a fun project being that it was nearly free using the money you got for the sofa.

I googled the MELDAL daybed because I'm contimplating it for my daughters room. How do you like it so far? Any suggestions? Thanks!