Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Greatest Show On Earth

Prepare for the most pictures you have ever seen in a Harvey family blog post.

We made it home from the circus. Barely. Haha! No really it was a lot of fun. We took the light rail uptown at about 5:30 in time to see all the animals before the show started. The second we walked through the door, Adam was buying Aidan everything in sight...Snow cone in a tiger cup (he also ate fruit loops out of this when we got home), a light up spinney thing (I am sure that is their official name too) cotton candy with a hat attached (did I mention it lit up?), nachos, a bottomless bucket of popcorn (that's right free refills) and an apple juice. Then he proceeded to hand it ALL to me as we walked to our seats. I was cracking up at how much fun the two of them were having. Of course we didn't make it down to the floor to see the animals because Aidan and Adam were to busy packing their mouths full of sugar and smacking the people in front and back of us with the light up spinney thing. It was the best time. Here are some pictures of our night...

Leaving the house...someone was excited.

Chelsea, Mike, Adam & I
Ryland & Aidan

The upside down ticket to his first circus ever.
Getting situated eating his snow cone in a tiger.

He's got it all going on.

Napkin was in place to try and save his shirt from the snow cone. Lost cause.

It took a few minutes to process everything that was going on.

Ryland with red lips from a snow cone.

I see you cutie!

They loved these things. The best $22 bucks (each) I've ever spent. Right.

Just eating some popcorn watching the show.

And then the spinney light up things became something they could fight with.

More popcorn eating.

At this point he was over it. Luckily the circus ended 5 minutes later.

Riding on Daddy's shoulders. Daddy looks exhausted. He's been up since 4am.

I did take about 30 pictures of the animals but I am sure it's nothing you haven't seen so I'll save you from those. =)

Hope everyone is enjoying their week. <3

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