Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just a really, really good day (From Thursday)

Aidan was perfect today. The morning started off a little rough because he was EXHAUSTED from the circus last night. It was "Wear Your Jammies to School" day and so I don't think that helped because once he got out of bed, I put him in a new pair of pj's and then we had to leave. When I dropped him off he screamed bloody murder and honestly I would have just let him come home with me but I had an appointment this morning that I wouldn't have been able to do with him in tow. I picked him up at 1 and he was in the BEST.MOOD.EVER. Apparently he only cried for 30 seconds after I left (what a blow to my mommy ego) and thoroughly enjoyed his day. He passed out (as usual) in the car and I decided to stop off at my mom's to say hey. I carried him asleep inside and laid him on her sofa and he slept there for an hour and a half. When he got up he wasn't cranky at all and was super snuggly. I kept thinking to myself "Ok when are we going to throw a fit or something". It never happened. We headed to Target and he got his usual ICEE but this time it occurred to me that it might be easier for him to use a spoon than a straw. I felt so smart. He was thrilled!! That kept him occupied the entire trip. We found two plastic horsies in the $1 bin, one made a horse noise and I also bought some of those little capsules you put in water and they grow in to an animal or shape. We used to do them when I was a kid and I just knew he would think they were fun. He was hugging and kissing me all day and he kept saying "I love you Mommy (that is my official name now)". Still waiting for this great day to all come crashing down. We got home, I made him dinner. He ate his mac and cheese out of his tiger cup from the circus and then we sat on the floor in the kitchen to watch the capsules grow in to animals. He thought it was the coolest thing. Adam got home in the middle of the animals growing and Aidan was so proud you would have thought he made the sponge animals himself. We shared a bowl of ice cream and I put him to bed. No crying or whining, he just laid down and went straight to sleep. It was a perfect day. Here are some pictures of us doing the capsule animals. They are from my Crack berry because my camera was in the car.....

Getting ready to put in his first capsule

Watching & Waiting

It's a Turkey!!!

Capsule #2

What's it going to be?

A duckie!!!

Aidan thinks the wet sponge feels gross.

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