Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well my meal planning has been going GREAT! We have so much food leftover that instead of having honey glazed chicken, which I only think was tonight's meal, I haven't even looked, we are having leftover Tortellini Marinara. With garlic knots made my hubby. Let me just say, he marinates them in garlic butter before hand, and then sprinkles (well pours on mine) parmesan. They are garlic knot perfection. And in about 4.2 minutes they will be ready so I better set the table.

I may or may not have some energy later to take pictures of the new orange (gasp) lamp I bought for the kid's room. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Adam, well he might kinda love it but not really at all. That's why I do the decorating and he just makes the money for me to do it. Love you buns. I have been on Wolf Camera's website for what seems like hours now trying to upload fun pics of Aidan for all the frames I bought for his room.

Last quick thing, I need HELP. With our new schedule, we are pretty much done everything by 6:30PM and are bored out of our minds. Got any ideas? Last night we stood around the living room and laughed at ourselves in this ridiculous prediciment. I know I said I wanted to be more organized but I have way too much time on my hands now.

Happy Tuesday! Love ya

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Kate G. said...

Ummm...you could watch way too much TV, like Tyler and I do! Too late for gym trips or workouts? A family walk (in the dark..)?