Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's My Mom's Birthday!!! A Little Letter to Her.

It's my mom's birthday today and we are basically snowed in. Luckily, we live close enough that we were still able to celebrate with her. Aidan and I made her cake and we ordered Chinese food for dinner. My youngest brother Jordan couldn't make it because of the weather. =( . We missed you J! We bought her two new pair's of PJ's from the Victoria's Secret Soft Collection and a new pair of sunglasses.

Just wanted to share a little letter I wrote for her ...

Dear Mom,
Happy Birthday. In case I don’t tell you enough, you are amazing. As a mother now myself, I can look back at my childhood and at your actions and decisions you made and marvel at how you did it and how you are still doing it with so much grace and dignity. You make being a mom look so easy. But it isn’t easy. Being a parent is a life-long, full time job. And here you are, still parenting me and teaching me now how to parent my own child. The words “Thank You” won’t ever be enough. I hope that I am taking in everything that you are and everything you do and putting it away for when I need to pull on it for myself. If I end up being HALF the mother you have been to me, to my own children, and if when they reach adulthood they can feel HALF as loved as I do by you, then I will feel like I will have thanked you properly. I am honored to be your daughter and it is a blessing to have you as my mom. You make me a better person and you mean more to me to me than you will ever know. I love you with all my heart and soul. Happy Birthday Mom. April

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